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Diane Kyle-Buchanan

Founder and Patron


Diane and Gordon shared thoughts with respect to building community. Diane was born in Edmonton and has been involved in the community from a very early age. She is a business woman with diverse business activities. All of her business interests must have a component of supporting the community. Her view is you cannot simply take out without putting back. Diane's involvements extend to public companies, hospital boards, the arts, international support projects and private corporations. "Reaching out has to extend beyond our own borders." A Rotarian for many years opened her view to the world at large.

We have been charged with the building and administration of this foundation. Together we hope to provide the vision and impact of giving in a supportive sustainable manner for generations to come.

" I feel it is most important what you do for others; rather than what you say you will do" ... it defines your core values and can change the world ...

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