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W. Gordon Buchanan


Gordon Buchanan was a well respected Businessman dedicated to celebrating community, to building a better province, and believing in people and their abilities. With an unparalleled legacy of giving back, Gordon dedicated his final efforts and funds to raising awareness for rapid access to diagnose prostate cancer and support others living with Parkinson Disease. His passion was lumber and was in the business for over 60 years. His business interests varied from software to hockey teams. He was noted as to be the "voice or reason" on many boards.

"We try to put back at least a part of what we take our-it's a trade off in my opinion.

Life itself is that way -if you put in a little more than you take out, or at least try to, you should come out a winner or feel good about yourself, whatever you're doing in life..."

Gordon passed away October 19, 2014 from Parkinson Disease. He never saw the building he provided aiding others who are suffering with the disease.

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